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Uncollected child

go follow url For all sessions where children are left in our care, our staff will ensure that they have the relevant contact numbers for parents or carers. If a parent/carer or other identified family member fails to collect their child at the agreed time, a member of our staff will contact the parent/carer 15 minutes after the agreed time for collection and remind them that their child is awaiting collection.
If the parent/carer is not available, our staff will contact the emergency contact number so that the child can be collected without further delay. If parents or the emergency contact are both unavailable, the child will remain in the care of our staff until they can establish contact with the parents or emergency contact person. If the session is at an end, two members of our staff will remain on site and await collection of the child. The Manager will not release the child to an unauthorised person.
If the parents or emergency contact have still not been contacted after a period of one hour, the Manager, or the most senior member of staff on duty will contact the local Children’s Services Duty Team to inform them that a parent has failed to pick up a child and to get their support in deciding what further action to take.