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Toileting & Bodily Fluids


get link Parents will be contacted if their child’s nappy needs to be changed.
• Parents will use the child’s own wipes, nappies and cream.
• A box of tissues will be available and children will be encouraged to blow and wipe their noses when necessary. Soiled tissues will be disposed of hygienically. Children will be encouraged to shield their mouths when coughing
• Personal hygiene including thorough hand washing and the covering of cuts is essential.

Infection Control

• All surfaces will be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner.
• To prevent the spread of infection, adults in the Créche will ensure that the following good practices are observed.
• Staff will be made aware of how infections, including HIV can be transmitted. Any spills of blood, vomit and excrement will be wiped up and flushed away down the toilet. Rubber gloves will always be used when cleaning up bodily fluids. Floors and other affected surfaces are to be disinfected using chlorine or bleach, diluted according to manufacturer’s instructions. Fabric contaminated with the bodily fluids will be thoroughly washed in hot water.