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Health and Safety

Health and safety is very important to ensure that all staff and children are safe and every reasonable step be taken to prevent injury and ill health by protecting individuals from hazards at work.

• We do this by:
• Assessing and controlling risk, by doing a risk assessment.
• Providing and maintaining safe, healthy and secure working conditions, training and instruction so staff are able to carry out their tasks safely and effectiviely.
• Ensuring that health and safety is maintained at all times in respect of all activities that happen.
• Reviewing risks regularly and when changes occur.

All staff must co-operate in the operation of this policy. Staff must:
• Comply with safety procedures, whether written or brought to their attention by other means for their own protection, protection of those under their supervision and others who may be affected by their actions
• Assisting in any investigation with regards to accidents, dangerous occurances or near misses.


The objectives of this policy are:
• To promote high standards of Safety, Health and Welfare in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work, Act 1974.
• To ensure that places and methods of work are safe and healthy through effective safety arrangements.
• To protect people, whether they are staff, children and members of the general public visiting the Créche.
• To ensure adequate training, instruction, supervision and information is given to all staff in order that they may work in safety in so far as is reasonable and pracitcal.
• To ensure a safe and heatlthy working environment for all and that there are sufficient facilities and arrangements for their welfare.
• To ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities in regards to health and safety.


• ClairePearson and Lucy Fletcher to be responsible for the day-to-day requirements and that these are met by all staff. It is also the responsibililty of The Wedding Créchers to assess risks, substances used (COSHH arrangements) and any other precautions deemed necessary are implemented and monitored. To ensure the safety of children at all times.
• Staff. Responsible for the day-to-day requirements as set by Claire Pearson and Lucy Fletcher. To report any accident so that they can be investigated and any actions can be applied. To ensure the safety of all children at all times.

Safety Arrangments Risk assessments: Risk assessments are carried out regularly and where changes to the environment occur. A record is kept on each area of provision, indoors and outdoors, and all staff is made aware of these and adds to it as appropriate. These ensure the safety of children whilst within our care. Accident Reporting: Any accident or injury must be reported to the The Wedding Créchers where the approriate form will be completed by the person involved in the accident. The form must be completed in accordance with guidelines. Where applicable, follow the requirements of RIDDOR 2013. See RIDDOR procedures.
Accidents will be investigated to ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum. Public Liability Insurance: Liability cover provides business people working with children with a financial safety net that covers them against claims for accidents, damages, injuries and illnesses that befall children in their care.

Defective Tools and Equipment: All defects in any electrical or any other equipment must be reported immediately and will be removed and kept out the way until repairs have been carried out. If the equipment is deemed unsafe, it will be disposed of appropriately.

Electrical Equipment: All portable electrical equipment is inspected and PAT tested every year and safe operation under normal use. There are no trailing electrical wires. Where 13 amp sockets are in use, only one plug per socket is permitted. Electric cables should have the protective covering and be firmly in place.

Use of Harmful Substances: When using harmful substances, whether they are material or chemical substances, all staff must ensure that adequate precautions are taken to prevent injury to health.
No new materials or chemical substances can be used unless a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002) is completed. This is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health. You can prevent or reduce exposure by:
• Finding out what the health hazards are
• Deciding how to prevent harm to health (risk assessment)
• Providing control measures to reduce harm to health
• Making sure they are used
• Keeping all control measures in good working order
• Providing information, instruction and training for staff and others
• Planning for emergencies.
Staff are aware of possible hazards that these substances have and will be advised on how to use them correctly and safely. Also the assessment will state how to deal with spillages and safe storage. This will ensure that there are minimal effects on the person’s health whilst using these substances within the Creéche. See completed ‘COSHH assessments’ following this policy.

Good Housekeeping: Tidiness, cleanliness and efficiency are essential factors in the promotion of health and safety. Accidents can be prevented by following the guidelines listed:
• Keep walkways and passage ways unobstructed
• Ensure shelves in store rooms are stacked neatly and not overloaded.
• Keep floors clean.
• Do not obstruct emergency exit doors.
• All designated escape routes shall be kept clear at all times.
• No hot drinks around children within the Centre.
• No inappropriate jewellery or footwear to be worn by staff.
• No personal mobile phones are bought into the Créche.

Cleaning and Toy Safety: Incidents can be prevented by following the guidelines:
• All toys shall be stored safely and securely
• Care must be taken to ensure that all new toys have CE mark.
• Toys and equipment are cleaned regularly to prevent contamination and to ensure safety for all children. A cleaning log is kept.
• Equipment and toys are checked for broken and missing pieces. These toys will be removed and disposed of. As soon as the toy is deemed as unsafe for children, it will be removed immediately.
• Playdough will be changed at regular intervals and immediately if it becomes discoloured or foul smelling.
• Sharp pointed end scissors are never left within reach of children, although they may have access to round ended scissors during their own initiated activity time.

The outside area will be checked for:
• Broken glass
• Litter
• Hazardous plants
• Needles/syringes
• Animal faeces
• Staff must report any damage to the outdoor area.
Staff will check for any strangers lingering or any events that are unusual. Staff must report to the Venue if they do see anything. Appropriate action will be taken and a record of the incident will be kept. Children will remain indoors/outdoors if the need arises.

Manual Handling: Staff are not to lift, drag, push or carry heavy or awkward loads unless training has been undertaken and risk assessments carried out.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted within the building of The Wedding Créche or surrounding area. We promote a healthy and smoke free environment. This applies to all staff and parents/carers.
Staff that do smoke are asked to smoke away from the building. Everyone is aware of this and are required to abide to it.

First Aid: There is a qualified First Aider at all times. All staff hold the Paediatric First Aid qualification. First Aid boxes are replenished and checked regularly. Plese refer to ‘First Aid and Recording of Accidents’.

Violence against staff: All incidents of violence against a member of staff must be reported immediately to the Manager.